NO SWEAT CURRY is your guide to simple and healthy Indian cooking. 

Together, we will de-mystify the word “curry” and the complex image Indian cuisine seems to have inherited. You will also learn how to easily identify and use the spices that harmonize to produce your perfect symphony in a pot!

Cooking Indian food really has only a few basic steps and ingredients that can be tweaked to create dishes that will please you, your family and guests. You will learn the simple processes that maximize your dish’s flavor and leave your guests asking for seconds!

 Thank you for visiting my little nook in cyber world  :)

Will there really be no sweat?!

There really will be “no sweat” following my recipes, nor enjoying your wonderful creations. I really wanted to adopt the “no sweat!” adage to describe my cooking, especially when it comes to Indian food. The frightful images of the old aunty sweating her makeup off all day long in the kitchen is not to be me at any time! As much as I love cooking (and eating!), my hubby and 2 kids deserve better use of my time. There’s too much living to be done to be slaving away over the stove.

So, Indian.Made.Simple ?!  Noooo Sweat!!


Are you ready?

Okay, so now that you know what my site’s about, come join me on this journey that will broaden your foodie horizons and allow you to delight in the wonderful cuisine that has nourished my belly and soul.

Let’s see what we can create together…